About Us

Formed in the summer of the Brit Pop explosion by a bunch of guys who toddled around when it graced the Transistors and Dansettes in a previous incarnation of the 1960’s, the Band has stayed faithful to a style of music that will never fade from musical memory. That’s not to say that the Brit Pop thing was much (if any) of an influence.In fact anyone who hadn’t soaked up anything from Motown, R&B, Soul, Reggae and Blues must have been living in an anorak bigger than the Millenium Dome, but it did made the guys realise one thing, they could do it better than most of the bands they heard that summer.

Having survived the creative period still talking to each other they have produced a worthy first Album. Moving from Driving Rockers like ‘Its Too Late’ and ‘Two Timing Lover’ to well written Ballads ‘Boys on the Run’ and ‘For What its Worth’, its the evocative ‘Mouse in a Wheel’ that hints at the avenues yet to drive!