BIG COCK UP is a song about business and political groupies, a maid on the make
and a brush with the authorities caused by bad tailoring work.

DONALD TRUMP had to suffer the indignity of being accused of being a groper
when he was just being friendly and giving a hug to some business groupies who hang
around on this scene.

BILL CLINTON was accused of getting it on with MONICA LEWINSKY. No one
knows exactly what happened but who could blame him. MONICA was sexy,
gorgeous and available.

DOMINIQUE STRAUSS-KAHN was in a New York hotel room when a maid on the
make accused him of sexually assaulting her. Did DSK screw her?
One thing is absolutely certain she definitely screwed him. He paid her a fortune
to drop the case.
He lost his job as the head of The International Monetary Fund and it all went down
hill from there.

P J PROBY’S trousers split at the knee when he was on stage at a gig in Croydon on
29th January 1965.
Now ripped trousers at the knee are the height of fashion. P J was one of the best
singers of the sixties with a brilliant voice and a fantastic image.
MARY WHITEHOUSE and her do gooder cronies said his act was obscene and he was
banned from performing live shows and on television in the UK. A great loss caused
by idiots.

The track was written and produced by the legendary Rock’n’ Roll and Rockabilly producer Philip H.A. Bailey (PHAB) who has sold more than 28 million records worldwide.

Published by : PHAB Music

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